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Choker - Elizabeth Woods The plot in this book picks up pretty quickly. It has to, as this book has little over 200 pages. The story follows Cara through her day-to-day life, and especially focuses on her relationship with her friend Zoe, who has moved into Cara’s bedroom with her. This relationship develops throughout the book, and is really the main focus, and it shows Cara starting to realise that maybe Zoe isn’t such a great friend at all. However, she’s her best friend and she can’t just make her leave. The murder mystery part of the plot kept me very intrigued. I was enjoying reading about it, and guessing who the murderer could be. I felt so sorry for Cara when she was being bullied. I really liked her character, and when she grew more confident with herself I was literally cheering for her. I won’t say much about Zoe, because the whole mystery that surrounds her in the beginning is amazing and terrifying. I really loved Cara’s love interest, Ethan. I thought he was really sweet, even though he was the boyfriend of one of the bullies who started calling Cara “Choker”. I wish we had seen more of him. Now to my favourite part - the ending! If you were starting to get a little bored of this book, then I do urge you to keep reading, just for the amazing ending! I’m not going to say too much about it, but I will say you learn who the killer is, and it may come to a shock to a lot of you. There were a few hints thrown in throughout the books, and if you picked up on those then you may well have figured it out (I did) but you have to keep reading to see if your theory was correct, right? And even if you did guess correctly, learning about why the killer did it is especially interesting and captivating!Let me tell you, this story is one that will stay with you for a long time!

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