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Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead Warning: I tried to stop the gush. I really, truly did. I just couldn’t help myself! The book kicks off with two best friends, Rose and Lissa, being dragged - quite literally! - back to St Vladimir’s Academy, which they escaped from two years previously. The reason why they escaped is kept quiet for the most part, with little snippets being revealed here and there, throughout the book, until all is revealed at the end (did that sound intriguing? I hope so!)The main plot isn’t a complicated one. Things are told from Rose’s point of view, as she settles back into life at the Academy and takes up extra guardian training classes with a hot Russian named Dimitri Belikov. It’s okay to swoon at the sight of his name. I do it all the time.But of course with Rose being Rose, life is never simple. Someone at the school seems to have a grudge against her best friend Lissa, and they keep leaving dead animals for her to find. There’s a whole mystery regarding this, and yet there is so much more going on! I won’t give anything else away, you’re just going to have to read it for yourself. I don’t even think I could explain everything anyway. Richelle Mead has given us such an original and unique take on vampires - yes, there are vampires in here! - and I was left astounded at the creativity of it all. The Moroi/Guardian/Strigoi ‘lore’ in this book can be confusing at first (are you confused already? I bet you are!) but it is relatively easy to suss everything out eventually and if you read the next books, understanding it all soon becomes second nature.Our main character Rose is the most amazing and badass character I have ever read about. She even out-badasses the boys! She’s strong, loyal, hilarious - seriously, you should see some of the things she comes out with! - and above all, she’s lovable. As I mentioned above, Rose takes extra guardian training sessions every day, and gets hot and sweaty with her hot, 6 ft 7, brilliant, amazing, Russian - I’ll stop now - twenty four year old mentor. Dimitri is HOT. I was surprised, as I honestly wasn’t expecting to love anyone more than I love Jace Wayland or Alex Fuentes. But, I have found him! I’d marry Dimitri, I really would. The age gap between he and Rose is a huge problem, and this comes up a lot in the book. Rose isn’t one to withhold her feelings, after all! In conclusion, this book is INCREDIBLE, INTENSE, and just overall BADASS. I can’t believe it took me so many months to read this, and the rest of the series. This series is literally all I can think about! (And talk about, apparently. I think I'm starting to get on some of your last nerves!)10/10You must buy it! Go, go, go!

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