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Haven - Kristi Cook A boarding school for people with psychic abilities? Heck yeah, X-Men! Was that your first thought? Well, it certainly was mine! When I saw the synopsis for this book, I was honestly expecting Professor X or something of the like to roll down the halls in his wheelchair. Alas, Haven doesn't have as much in common with X-Men as I thought. The plot starts off rather slowly as we learn about what Violet's life was like before she found Winterhaven, and how she came to be at an elite boarding school. We read about her going through the process of moving in, making new friends, discovering that Winterhaven is packed full of psychics, and most importantly - that Violet has an instant connection with the hot, loner dude. (*Sigh*)The time frame for this novel was a little jumpy. One moment we were in October, and then what seemed like two paragraphs later it was suddenly Christmas break. I understand that nothing happened in between, but still.. I feel that perhaps the timing could have been better, or the jumps could have been made to seem less abrupt.Right in the middle of the book there is a FLAMING HUGE surprise that no one told me about. Book bloggers, you've done amazingly well by keeping this quiet - I applaud you! I wasn't expecting it at all (okay, the thought did cross my mind, but I thought that this was a book about psychics!), and while I was a bit hesitant about it to begin with, I did enjoy where it lead. Violet was a mediocre main character, with not many flaws or strengths, but she was likable enough. It was interesting to watch her going about her day-to-day life at Winterhaven, and some of the comments she made were quite funny. She was such a worrier, though! It was really weird to see people call her "Vi", because that's my nickname! I've never met another Vi before... but anyway, I'm getting distracted again!Aidan was everything a lead male should be. Hot, broody, tall and mysterious. You know the type, I'm sure. His instant connection with Violet is never fully explained, and I do wish that this had been touched upon. (*Sigh*) This happens far too much in YA literature. I won't mention the "T" word, but I'm sure you all know what I mean.Violet's friends were lovely and funny. It was really nice to read about them, and when they used their powers! I think that they could have been introduced a bit more gradually, though, to give the reader a chance to get their head around all the new names. But that may just be me being slow, as usual!Overall I really did enjoy this book. I loved reading about the old boarding school, and I liked that I was so surprised by the plot twist! I'm not sure if this book is going to have a sequel, but I feel that it would work well as a standalone as well as in a series.

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