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The Ivy - Rina Onur, Lauren Kunze Let me start out by saying that the characters in this book are a bit older than what is the norm in YA. Callie is a freshman at Harvard, so she's just that little bit older, but the story definitely still fits the typical age range for YA.The Ivy is an excellent contemporary book, with so much drama! I love books like this, and this really reminded me of that TV show, Greek, just without the sororities.Callie is a great MC. She's flawed in ways that are to be expected with a teenager who's just moving into adulthood, and she has a lot to learn about friendships.Her roommates provided a lot of humour, which I adored. I was laughing out loud throughout most of the book because these characters are hilarious and crazy! I loved them all apart from Vanessa.Vanessa was a complete cow. She had the audacity to call Callie a bad friend, when in reality she was just as awful, if not worse. There was a scene at the beginning when Callie embarrassed herself in front of the entire cafeteria, and Vanessa pretended not to know her. Yeah, great friend.This book does contain a love triangle, and while I normally abhor those, I actually really enjoyed this one! Gold star for the authors for doing it right!Gregory! *hearts* I'm in love. Callie was so oblivious, but he obviously likes her. Open your eyes, woman! I love Gregory so much, he's a wonderful character.Clint is the other side of the love triangle, and while I liked him - mostly - I felt he was too mature of Callie and they didn't have much chemistry. I think it's pretty obvious as to which side of this triangle I prefer!Matt was another character I loved. He's such a nerd.Overall I LOVED this book and I think it's definitely underrated. More people need to read The Ivy, because I think it's one of the best contemporaries I've read. And it is set in college which means no parents. Which means craziness ensues.

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