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Forgiven  - Jana Oliver This bored me. Meh. --Review here: begins where the previous book left us, with people hunting for Riley, and Riley's dad being reanimated. I liked the first book well enough to read the second, and I found that the second book was brilliant! I really enjoyed it, and was really looking forward to reading this book because I was so interested in finding out what happened next. Unfortunately, Forgiven didn't meet my expectations after such a good second book.The plot was kind of boring in this book, there was a lot of getting from Point A to Point B without there being much substance. The romance aspect takes over the action and plotting, and it really irked me. I know Beck and Riley care for each other - even if they're both too frustratingly stubborn to say anything - but I wanted more fighting and more demons rather than scenes of the two of them bickering constantly over nothing.Riley and Beck also really annoyed me in this book. I wasn't a huge fan of Beck in the first book, but in the second he started to grow on me. I was hoping to like him even more in this one now that he had come to terms with his feelings - even slightly - but that just wasn't the case.The pair of them whined about each other SO MUCH; it was beyond frustrated. Every page there were at least a couple of mentions of Beck (when reading from Riley's point of view) and what she thought he would think of her. Excuse me? Why do you care so much what he thinks of you? If he judges you then that's his problem. Come on, you're meant to be a fierce protagonist!It was the same case with Beck and his point of view, except he annoyed me even more. He was so angry all of the time! I couldn't handle the complaining from him or Riley, so in the end I had to skim those bits. There was too much complaining and no character growth, and after reading about the same stuff throughout three novels now, it got old fast.I did enjoy reading about Riley's father's reanimated. He was sweet, I guess.This book leaves you on a little bit of a cliffhanger, which I think those of you who like the romance and relationship between the two of them will enjoy, but it didn't leave me intrigued. I couldn't wait to put this book down, I'm sorry to say, and I am not interested in continuing with the series any more.

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