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Spell Bound - Rachel Hawkins Review here: am so, so pleased with this fantastic finale to one of my favourite trilogies! Usually I'm a little disappointed by the final book in a series, but Spell Bound left me feeling content about the whole thing.As always, Sophie is such a great female lead. I love her courage and determination, and I love her awkward jokes when she's in uncomfortable situations. Absolutely hilarious. We learn more about her mum's side of the family in this book, and I really enjoyed that. We see that strong will and determination runs in the family!I did feel that a little too much time was spent on romance rather than saving the world from demons. If the world is about to come to an end, you don't fool around! I also didn't think that the story had that urgent feel that it should have had; it just cruised along. That said, it was still a fast paced book and it had almost non-stop action. I just didn't feel as though the world was going to blow up, if that makes sense.Like I said above, I was extremely pleased with the ending. This isn't another Harry Potter, where characters die left and right, so I was a little disappointed by that (I like suffereing, okay?) but overall I think Rachel Hawkins did a brilliant job wrapping up her trilogy and also leaving room for more.As for my favourite book in the trilogy, I can't say that this is it. My favourite is definitely Demonglass, because that was one explosive book. Spell Bound was still excellent though, and I'll definitely be treasuring this trilogy and recommending it to everyone!

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