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The Last Echo - Kimberly Derting Loved this! Excellent. Love Rafe.----Review here: Last Echo is just as good - if not better - than the previous installments in this amazing series. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I adored Kimberly Derting's story and characters as I always do.Like with the first book, there were lots of creepy chapters in which we were inside the killer's head. A lot of other people found this incredibly creepy as well, and this is one of the things I most enjoy about this series. These chapters, along with sending a chill down my spine, gave some background information on the killer that added lots of depth to his character, even though we didn't know who he was until the end.Violet was as awesome and as badass as ever. Her scenes at the end were beyond amazing, and I was holding my breath for her. She's a great protagonist, and a great example of the badass female characters in YA.Jay wasn't in this book as much as he is in the others. Violet and Jay's relationship takes a back seat in this novel, and I liked that. As much as I missed him, I loved seeing Violet on her own for the majority of the book.We did, however, see lots of Rafe, who I adore. We learn a lot about his character in this book, which I loved, because he became more than a two dimensional brooding badboy.I actually really like the potential of the love triangle in this series, which is surprising! This is one of the love triangles that is done right. Both guys are good for Violet, but in different ways. They both attract different sides of her character and I love it. And if you're worrying about Violet cheating on Jay then don't! Violet isn't like that.The ending was so, so shocking! What was that!? Like I said above, I was holding my breath throughout the whole thing. It certainly changed the entire dynamic for the rest of the series and it was FLAWLESS.

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