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Second Chance Summer - Morgan Matson Sobbing. is going to be a difficult review to write, and I honestly don't think I can put my feelings across very well when it comes to Second Chance Summer. I loved it so much, and it really touched my heart. I'll try not to get all sappy, because that would just be uncomfortable for you to read!Firstly, this is a perfect summer read. It's set in Pennsylvania, and while I don't know much about it, it would seem that it has wonderful weather, mountains, scenery and lakes! Morgan Matson does an excellent job of describing the setting, and I felt like I was there on the dock with Taylor and her family.Taylor was an amazing main character, and I don't often say this about female protagonists, as they often get on my nerves. Her personality shined through the pages, and it was a wonderful personality at that. She wasn't one of those FMCs that whinged and whined. She dealt with everything that was thrown at her, and I have so much respect for her for doing so.Her relationship with Henry was perfect. I don't know what else to say about it. Their scenes were flawless. Henry was wonderful, and everything that I love in a MMC and love interest.So, onto the tougher stuff. Taylor's dad has pancreatic cancer, and it's untreatable. He's been given just a few months to live. I was a bit hesitant about requesting and reading this book, because my Nanny died of cancer and it is a subject that almost always affects me when I read about it, or experience it through movies or TV. That said, Morgan Matson dealt with it brilliantly. I couldn't have asked for more.I sobbed throughout the last forty or so pages. My heart broke for Taylor and her family, and I'm tearing up* a bit just thinking of it now. Not many books have this effect on me, but this one seemed to evoke such feelings in me... I can't explain it.Obviously, the whole theme of this book is second chances, and I loved the way that this tied in with absolutely everything. Friendships, relationships, life, time with family and everything else and more.Morgan Matson is such a gifted writer. I now know why everyone guses about Amy & Roger, because her writing style is brilliant, and the way she creates and tells a story is just... She is someone that I now greatly look up to, and someone who, as a novice writer, I would aspire to be like.I'm not sure if this is a book that I would read again and again, but it's definitely one that I would recommend to every single one of you.*Tearing up 'a bit' is one hell of an understatement. I just full on burst into tears.

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