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The Repossession - Sam Hawksmoor Full review here: I'm really pleased with how much I ended up liking this one! While it wasn't the most fast paced novel, I thought it was a really good read.The Repossession has a bit of an Anthony Horowitz type feel to it, and I think that's one of the main reasons I enjoyed it. It's written in third person, and the point of view skips from time to time, as needed, and I think it worked really well this way. It wouldn't have been as good if it had been written in first person.If you're a regular reader of my reviews, you'll know that I often have a problem with teenage romance in YA novels, as I often don't think it's realistic, or I feel it takes away from the characters. Genire and Rian, however, were totally awesome. This is teen romance done right! The two already had the build up and the history, and they were perfect together. They were still wonderfully independent from one another, and very much their own people, which I adored. I didn't even roll my eyes at them. *applause*I think the pacing is a little off in the middle, and while I understand the need for everything to be included, I feel it could have been tightened a little bit to keep me interested.The science fiction aspect of the novel was fascinating. It was explained in a way that was easy to understand, and there were no huge info dumps. The main characters often didn't understand what was going on either, so if you don't initially then you won't be alone.It was a fantastic novel, and I'm now really excited to read the sequel to see where it leads, because the author left me on a mahoosive cliffhanger which I totally do not appreciate.Now, I'll be right back. I'm currently sat under my duvet, trying to figure out if this cover is meant to glow in the dark.

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