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Ironskin - Tina Connolly Meh. Jane was all right, Dorie was the most annoying child ever, and Edward was a twat.Full review here: was disappointing. I had heard good things about Ironskin before it was released, but once it came out the rating on Goodreads started to slowly decline. I ignored that - mostly - and was quite excited when I finally got to it this month, given the enticing premise. Alas, it fell flat.Jane was a great character in the beginning of the novel. She was determined, bordering on stubborn, and very hard-working. Unfortunately her romance/weird obsession with Mr Rochart brought down her character. Their 'relationship' was too rushed, and dull, and I didn't understand why she felt so drawn to him considering he was hardly even there! And despite him being a father, he barely said two sentences to his daughter, and I don't understand how Jane would have found that to be an attractive or intriguing quality in a guy. I OBJECT. I thought that the fey part of the story was interesting, though. To begin with, anyway. I wanted to learn about the war, Dorie's powers, and what exactly Jane could do. However, around half way through, I started to lose interest since it felt like nothing was progressing. I wasn't interested in anything Mr Rochart did, and I spent the latter half of the novel completely bored out of my skull. I began to skim, and as a result I didn't pay attention to what was going on. I tried to find something that would grab my attention again but there just wasn't anything there, not even the ending could draw me back in.Wouldn't recommend it. Meh. I've not read Jane Eyre, so I can't say how it compares. You'll have to check other reviews for that!

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