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Tomorrow Land - Mari Mancusi AMAZING. Full review here: Was. Amazing! I was so shocked at how much I enjoyed this book, and I'm also shocked at how few people have read this.The points of view in this novel switch between Peyton and Chase, and also from 'Then' and 'Now', so we get to see inside both of their heads at two completely different times. This was great because it showed the changes that the two characters had gone through since the Plague hit, and how they are now. It also shows how some things are still the same.I really liked both Peyton and Chase (okay, I adored him, but whatever). I may have almost cried at one point towards the end because I just loved them both so much and their relationship had had so many bumps. I was just thinking "When is this going to end?!"I also loved Tank (or Trey), Chase's older brother. He was the 'leader' of their little group of kids and he was so adorable. I also liked the other secondary characters such as Helga and David, although we didn't see too much of them. The only character that I despised was Peyton's father, and I felt so sorry for her and her mother at times because he was just such a prat.There were lots of twists in this book, some that I was expected and some that I definitely wasn't! The ending completely shocked me.I really wasn't expecting Tomorrow Land to be as amazing as it was. It was a thrilling novel that was brilliantly written. It's definitely the best zombie novel I have read!

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