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Advent - James Treadwell Pretty boring, I'm sorry to say. I just couldn't get into it. Full review here: beginning of Advent was very intriguing, as the author mixes flashback chapters with the present day, and it was enough to keep me reading steadily for the first fifty to seventy pages. The flashbacks were very enjoyable, and while I didn't enjoy the present day stuff as much, I was still looking forward to finding out more about the book.After the first one hundred pages or so, I feel that the pacing began to slow down and I started to lose interest very quickly. Because I received this book for review, I kept going with it but if I had purchased it then I probably would have given up about 200 pages in.I wasn't able to connect with any of the characters, even the main protagonist. None of them really stood out to me, so I wasn't able to invest in their storylines.On the plus side, I really enjoyed James Treadwell's writing style. The book was beautifully written with lots of descriptions, which I love. It's a shame that I didn't enjoy the plot, because I would definitely have ended up really liking it if the pacing was better. Who needs to connect to the main characters, right?So I won't be reading the rest of this trilogy, but I would definitely be willing to give James Treadwell's other future works a try one day.

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