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My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick Full review here: knew going into this that I would really enjoy it. I've been on a continuous YA contemporary binge since the beginning of the year, and it's showing no signs of stopping. This book totally deserves all the hype surrounding it, and I'm so glad everyone seems to have enjoyed it as much as I did.I loved the crazy life the Garrett family led (which was a lot like my family, tbqh) and how it contrasted in every way to Samantha's life. She was on her own a lot, and her house was always neat and tidy because of her mother's near-OCD. The Garrett house, however, was chaotic, crazy and just wonderful. I know which house I would rather live in.Not gonna lie, I got SO. FREAKING. PISSED. OFF. with Samantha. She does something ridiculously stupid that could lead to many, many people getting their lives ruined, and... well, it's just not okay. I wanted to slap her. However, Sam is not me, and therefore I forgive her for making silly decisions that she did eventually correct.Spoilers, in which I rage about this stupid thing that Samantha did:HER MUM WAS DRIVING DRUNK AND HIT JASE'S DAD AND PUT HIM IN HOSPITAL AND SAMANTHA WAS STILL BLOODY CONFLICTED ABOUT TELLING HER MOTHER TO COME FORWARD AND TO TELL JASE FOR GOD'S SAKE IF MY MOTHER HAD NEARLY KILLED A GUY AND IT WAS ABOUT TO LEAD TO THE GARRETTS LOSING ALL THEIR MONEY AND THEIR BUSINESS I WOULD BLOODY WELL COME FORWARD AND HAVE NO REGRETS BECAUSE JESUS CHRIST SLFHSDIHGLDSGJ *KEYBOARD SMASH*Anyway, other than THAT small thing (which was an awesome plot point despite the headache it caused), I really did love Sam's character. I loved her evolution from someone who is always under her mother's thumb to a pretty great person. I also loved her relationship with Jase, even if it was cheesy at times. This is YA, what do you expect? ALL THE CHEESE. ALL THE CUTE.Jase didn't really leave a huge impression on me, to be honest. I much preferred reading about his family as a whole, and the Garretts really do leave an impression! I guess that is how it's meant to be though because if you want one Garrett then you get them all! I loved the whole family, especially George because he's the one (apart from Jase, of course) who was given the most 'screen time'. I loved the random facts he came out with after he watched the Discovery Channel, and it's totally something my little sister does as well. Samantha's best friend, Nan, can go die in a fire. Be gone, no one likes you. Nan's brother, however, can stay. I can't remember his name, but I think it started with a T and I kind of wanted him to end up with Sam because EEP he was a great character.I didn't read this during the summer, but this would have been the perfect summer read. You can definitely read it at any time, though, because in England we don't really have summer and so take what you can get! Also, this review is kinda insane. I watched Supernatural last night and it basically murdered my brain cells, so don't expect anything coherent from me in a while. Did anyone else watch it? DEAN BLAMED HIMSELF OH MY GOD AND CASTIEL BLAMED *HIMSELF* TOLD DEAN IT WASN'T HIS FAULT *TEARS EVERYWHERE*Okay, I'm going now.

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