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Elemental - Antony John Loved the elemental parts. Thomas was kinda dull. Full review here: another book about elemental powers! Have I told you how much I love those? I read Storm and Spark by Brigid Kemmerer purely because of the elemental stuff, and I am quite obsessed. The elemental stuff in this book was definitely my favourite part. I loved learning about all the abilities and their different limits.Thomas had a really boring voice, which sent me to sleep during the parts where it was just him. Yawn. I didn't feel connected to him at all until the very end. I liked the other characters though, particularly Rose and someone who turns up halfway through the book. Also PIRATES! They were awesome, but I wish we had gotten to see more of them up close and personally. Thomas should have been kidnapped and tortured! Yes, I'm mean to characters, but at least it might have made Thomas a little more interesting.There's a sort of love triangle, although it was difficult to tell whether or not the two ladies - Alice and Rose - were legitimate love interests or if they were just kinda there. Alice was all right (apart from her nagging and whining), but personally I preferred Rose, despite her being underdeveloped. I hope we get to see her more in the next book.But honestly, there was little romance anyway because it all took a back seat to the action packed plot. Aside from when Thomas was wandering around by himself and we were stuck with just him, there wasn't a dull moment. There's an epilogue (which could have just been a normal chapter, but whatever) in which there's a shocking reveal, which I LOVED. I had thought that this book would be a standalone, because it wrapped things up pretty nicely, while also leaving a lot of mystery to interpretation. But nope, this is gonna be a trilogy (I think) and EEP! I'm definitely going to be reading the second book to see where it goes. Hopefully now that Thomas has discovered more about himself he'll be more interesting.

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