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The Night She Disappeared - April Henry The Night She Disappeared is told from several points of view. I really enjoyed the switches, which were fluid and easy to follow. That said, a couple of the voices sounded the same, particularly Drew's and Gabie's. I don't feel that there was anything to make them unique, aside from their different families and lives. But other than that, it was great to see the situation from various points of views, including the kidnapper's/killer's.As for the characters, the only ones I really loved were Kayla and, strangely, the antagonist. Kayla is someone who I would have loved to have seen more of, though this would probably have been difficult.Gabie came across as very judgemental, particularly towards Drew, and I didn't like it. She also did a lot of stupid things, like jumping into a rushing river and almost drowning.Drew was the most grounded of the two, but like Gabie, he was very stereotypical and he didn't really stand out all that much.The plot was great, despite the annoying characters. It was a great little mystery, and kept me guessing. The antagonist was enjoyably creepy, and I loved it. You should all know that I love my evil antagonists by now!I would recommend this if you're looking for a short, thrilling read. As long as you're able to ignore the idiotic main character, and focus on the mystery of it all!

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