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Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry Like a lot of fellow bloggers, as soon as I saw the cover and summary of this one I immediately added it to my wishlist because it sounded like a fantastic read. My contemporary binge also pushed my decision.Pushing the Limits was a great read, and while I was expecting a light contemporary (I have no idea why, considering the summary mentions the scars), in actuality it covered much deeper issues than I had originally thought.I really loved Echo and Noah's relationship, as it wasn't just there for the sake of it. The two of them helped each other grow and deal, and it felt like a meaningful romance plot. Noah definitely had more of an impression on Echo's character growth than she had on his, so the sides weren't particularly equal. That said, Echo played an important role in Noah's life as well.Noah was such a lovely guy. Unlike Alex Fuentes from Perfect Chemistry, who I keep seeing Noah get compared to, he wasn't overly arrogant or pig headed. Echo was also wonderful, and I loved learning about her family and home life, as well as delving deeper into her past. The whole mystery of what happened to her and how she got her scars was intriguing. I thought it was pretty obvious what had happened to her, but I wasn't sure exactly how it had happened and so I was kept intrigued right up until the end.The tiny references to Greek mythology - Echo and Aires' names - was wonderful. I'm a mythology buff and so this was something I really enjoyed.Katie McGarry has such a great writing style and I really enjoyed the alternating points of view which she made flow so well. She tackled such important issues incredibly well, and I applaud her for it. I'll definitely be checking out more of her work in the future if she comes out with anything else. If her future books can make me feel for the characters like I felt for all of these - including the secondary ones - then I am sure to love them.Honestly, the only issue I had with this book was the way Noah kept calling Echo 'mine' and 'baby'. I admit, I cringed every time he said it. But that's just personal preference, right?

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