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Small Town Secrets - Molly Kate Gray 3.5 stars. -----I have to admit before I go on that this isn't a genre I would normally read. I prefer YA, MG or UF, so this was out of my comfort zone. That said, I ended up really enjoying it so I'm glad I gave it a try!This book is split up into chapters, and also into months. At the beginning of some chapters the name of the month shows where the reader is in the story, and I thought this was a really nice addition. It helped me to keep track of the timeline, because a lot of stuff went on during the six months or so of the main character's life. It flowed wonderfully due to the fluid pacing and the author's writing style.I really liked the main character, Tara, and I thought she was the perfect protagonist for this kind of story. She went through a hell of a lot, and I loved how she was able to deal with all the things being thrown at her. What I most enjoyed about this book was the build up between Tara and Josh. I have said many times that I like good build up between characters before they become full blown love interests, and the author did it wonderfully. THIS is how you slow burn.The only things I wasn't a fan of were the one point at the end when Tara fell pregnant, because contraception is a #1 priority in my opinion and Josh and Tara should have known better, and also body hair and pubic hair. PUBIC HAIR. *shudders* But that's just me being me.Overall, it was a really good book and despite it not being something I would normally read, I enjoyed it!

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