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Supernaturally - Kiersten White I absolutely loved Paranormalcy when I read it last year. I thought it was tremendously well written and so funny that it had me in stitches. I was dying to read Supernaturally when it came out, and had extremely high expectations. Some of those expectations were met, but some, however, were not.The plot of Supernaturally is fast paced, just like Paranormalcy, and the action kicks off in the first few pages when Evie gets attacked by a cloud. Well, it's not really a cloud, but it looks just like one! Kiersten White hasn't lost her touch, because this book is hilarious, although I did find a couple of the lines to be a bit awkward. Evie was badass, of course. She finds out a lot of stuff about her heritage and her 'abilities', and I cant wait to see how she handles this in Endlessly. Evie does do some pretty stupid stuff in this book, like lying to and keeping things from her boyfriend, Lend. That annoyed me, and I hope that this is something her character will outgrow as she matures in the next book in the series. Lend wasn't really in this book as much as I hoped he would be, which is disappointing. I don't really have much to say about him, because he didn't really do much apart from moan and nag. Reth is also in this book, and despite not liking him at all in Paranormalcy, I thought he was pretty awesome in this book! Not that he isn't still a little creepy but... I want to see more of him! If you've been reading other reviews on this book, then you'll be aware that there is a new character called Jack. I loved Jack. He's hilarious. He seems to have some form of ADHD or something, because he never sits still and he's always playing around. I love him. The bad guy in this book was a little obvious, and I knew who it would turn out to be from the first few chapters. That said, this didn't spoil the book, because I wanted to find out WHY they were the villain and why they were doing these things to Evie. Overall, whilst I didn't enjoy Supernaturally as much as the first book in the trilogy, I still loved it and think that this is a trilogy that everyone needs to read at some point! (I also really, really love this cover!)

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