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Raised by Wolves - Jennifer Lynn Barnes I found the plot to be very fast paced once it got going, but it just wasn’t engrossing enough for me. Also, at times, I was left utterly confused about what was happening in the story. Jennifer Lynn Barnes seemed to get lost in her own story, without thinking to explain to the reader. The mystery part of the plot was, however, pretty well done! However, after a certain event in the story, I had to put the book down yet again and just shake my head in disgust. After that, everything seemed to just slip by me as I was reading. The ending wasn’t great. I found it to be rather unbelievable - I know it’s a book about werewolves, but still! - and it all just seemed rather silly. The main character, Bryn, was a headstrong and rebellious fifteen year old girl. That’s all I really knew about her personality. To me, she seemed a lot older than 15, and I do think that she should have been made older due to certain events that happen in the book. Most of the other characters were mediocre. Callum, the Pack Alpha, was my favourite character to begin with, however I started to hate him after about 150 pages. Chase, the teenage love interest, was extremely bland and didn’t seem to have a personality at all. There was no character development there, and I just didn’t care for him.I did, however, LOVE Bryn’s best friend Devon, and her female best friend Lake. Out of all of the characters, these two - well, more so Lake than Devon - were the most well thought out and described. I would have loved to have seen more of them!The writing style was one of the main things that threw me off, and made me dislike the book. There were one word sentences just thrown around, and at first I thought it was pretty cool, as the author was trying to show how wolves think, but the words “Pack” “Mine” “Protect” became extremely repetitive and extremely dull very quickly. Rating: 2.5

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