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Spark (Sky Chasers Series #2)

Spark - Amy Kathleen Ryan I read Glow when I received it for review last year, and I adored it. I remember being slightly put off at the beginning because the characters lived in such a strange society, where teenagers could get married and everyone accepted and even pushed it. Because babies are important on a spaceship, y'all. Anyway, this review will contain spoilers for Glow, because Spark is a sequel and I can't contain myself. In any case, go and read Glow if you think it sounds like your sort of thing. Like I said, I personally loved it, although it's definitely not for everyone due to the themes involved. On with the Spark review...Was anyone reading my status updates on Goodreads? If you are following me on my personal twitter account, then your whole timeline would have been filled up with my tweets as I read the last fifty pages of this novel. IT WAS AWESOME. And I went a little crazy. Spark picks up where Glow left off, with the girls back on the right spaceship but the adults still on the other one after being kidnapped. Kieran is still leading the ship (boo!) and Waverly is trying to lose herself in her new job as a mechanic. Seth was still in the brig, but someone lets him out and he turns into a runaway. As much of a runaway as you can be, that is, on a relatively small ship.If you've read my review of Glow, or have spoken with me about the book, then you'll know that I DESPISED Kieran in that book. He was the worst. And he still is. I still absolutely hate him, and I don't think anything could change that. He's still as controlling as ever, and he is NOT fit to be a leader because he makes such stupid decisions, and yet he wants to be in charge. Idiot. POWER HUNGRY MORON. Ehem. Yeah, I don't like him at all and I want to throw him off the ship so he suffocates out there.Waverly is as awesome as ever, though! I love that the author wrote her to be affected by her time on the other ship, because that's not something you just get over overnight. She's a badass, though, and definitely one of my female characters. She has MAJOR issues and flaws, which is also awesome because it means a) character growth and b) lots of interesting scenes. I also love Seth. I despised him at the beginning of the first book, but he really grew on me towards the end of it and I've come out of this one absolutely worshipping him. Well, not quite. But I do think he's an awesome character. Again with the flaws thing. I adore the character growth he's been put through, and there is still potential for me. He really came a long way in this book and EEP. I love him. Surprisingly, he has become the most level headed out of the three main protagonists. Is the third book going to be the final one? Because at the end of Spark it says "Check out the third book in the series at such-and-such a date", but it didn't say "the third and final book". Does anybody know? If it IS the final book and this is just a trilogy, then I really hope that minimal amounts of time are spent talking about Waverly's love for Kieran. Because no. I don't like it, and really she should be well over him by now because he's an ass. This book is action packed, and while some found the pacing to be a little off, I thought it was fantastic. It reached its peak at about 65% - 70% of the way through, like most books do, and then shit just gets crazy. -----------------I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS RIGHT NOW AND I DONT KNOW HOW TO TELL YOU GUYSIN SHORT:- KIERAN IS STILL AN ASS, THAT IS NEVER GOING TO CHANGE- WAVERLY IS A HBIC- SETH IS AWESOME AND IS CLEARLY GOING TO BE THE HERO IN BOOK THREE BECAUSE HE'S THE BESTEST- I AM A SOBBING MESS RIGHT NOW BECAUSE OF THAT ENDING- IT WAS WRITTEN FLAWLESSLY- FOUR FOR YOU, AMY KATHLEEN RYAN- YOU GUYS ARE SO LUCKY YOU DONT FOLLOW ME ON MY PERSONAL TWITTER ACCOUNT BECAUSE I JUST HAD A MAJOR BREAKDOWN- I DONT THINK THAT BREAKDOWN HAS FINISHED HAPPENING- I AM NOT OK RIGHT NOW- NOT- OKAY- GET ME BOOK THREE- DEAD----FULL (AND HOPEFULLY MORE COHERENT) REVIEW TO FOLLOW SHORTLY ONCE I HAVE CLIMBED UP TEN STORIES TO FIND MY OXYGEN-----------------So. Yes. If you can't tell already, then I do recommend this book. *happy dance* And now I just have to wait for book three.

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