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Paranormalcy - Kiersten White Before I begin, I want you all to look to the left of the page. See the cover? Now take a good, long look. Really take it in. *waits*. Now, tell me. You want the book don’t you? I know you’re interested… Anyway, moving on from the gorgeousness that is the Paranormalcy book cover, I just wanted to say that I loved reading this book. For starters, the plot was a great one. Evie is a unique paranormal hunter who can see past the paranormal creatures’ glamours. Meaning, they cannot disguise themselves from her. Of course, being as unique as Evie is, IPCA had to sweep in an employ her. IPCA is the International Paranormal Containment Agency, which hires both humans and paranormals to bag and tag rogue paranormals. There is a huge variety of creatures in this book, ranging from vampires to hags, and their mythology is explained very well, even though their kind is not among the main characters of the book. Everything seems to be running smoothly until there’s a break in in the IPCA headquarters, and then of course Evie has to get caught in the middle of the trouble with a certain shape shifter named Lend. There’s also a romantic subplot to this story which does not take over from the main storyline which I LOVE. I love that the focus is on the paranormal side of things rather than the main character’s love interest(s).This leads me nicely onto talking about the characters. Evie, our main protagonist, is a good choice for the lead role of this novel. She is headstrong, brave, witty and sarcastic - which, for me, adds a lot to her character - but she is also girly and she has a big interest in the normal human world. She is not content with her life in IPCA and she wants to go to a normal high school like what is shown on her favourite TV show. She even is interested in the lockers!Lend, the shape shifter Evie befriends, is a lovely character. I won’t say too much about him in case I spoil anything, he is witty and has some very sarcastic comebacks but he is very sweet and, at times, comes across as quite innocent. This just proves that you do not need a bad boy character to love a book. The faerie, Reth, on the other hand, is one creepy SOB and I did not like him at all. However, he was a good character to have as one of the antagonists. He is a character that you’ll love to hate. Kiersten White has made Paranormalcy a very interesting read. The writing flows well which makes the book very easy to read. The descriptions of the paranormal creatures and also of Evie’s job is excellent, and I really do love it. However, I did find that the descriptions were lacking at times, when talking about certain places in the book. This didn’t take much away from the book for me, because Evie’s voice and dialogue more than made up for it.

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