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Unwind - Neal Shusterman All time favourite. ALL THE AWARDS.Full review here: Adore. This. Book.Things I Loved:- The characters. Each of the main characters is flawlessly (expect to see the word 'flawless' used several times in this review) developed and thought out. Connor, Risa and Lev are all characters I fell in love with, and I love that we got to spend lots of time with each of them.- The writing style. Honestly, Neal Shusterman's writing is unlike any I've ever read. He's definitely one of the best, and after reading this book I'm definitely compelled to read everything else he's ever written or will ever write. The man is supremely gifted, pure and simple.- The action. This book was INSANE. There was so much going on, and there isn't any point in which you could put the book down to take a break. Whenever it seems like there isn't going to be anything happening, something explodes.- The way Shusterman connected everything at the end. It's not often that I read a book in which there are clues and references thrown around form the very beginning. At least, not unless it's in a totally obvious way which doesn't leave me surprised at all. In Unwind, the author puts things in and you don't even realise they are important until later on in the book.- The dystopian society. Guys. GUYS. This could totally happen in real life if we had the resources to do it! It was creepily realistic in some ways, and like I said I could totally see the government banning abortion. I don't see them allowing kids to be unwound (i.e. pulled apart and donated to needy people), but who knows what people could be pushed into doing?Things I Hated:- NOTHING AT ALL BECAUSE THIS BOOK IS FLAWLESS.What You Should Do:- BUY THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW. FLAWLESS.

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