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The Invitation (Point Horror S.) - Diane Hoh The characters were really stupid, but I'll forgive that because this is a horror novel and people do stupid things in horrors. -----Review here: read this book when I was much younger, and I enjoyed reading it this time just as much as I did back then. The structure of the plot is the classic Point Horror structure, with a main character who we're meant to root for and then a mystery character who is going around killing everyone.I like how the plot is fast paced and fairly unpredictable. Unlike more modern reads, I never figured out who the killer was in this series before the big reveal, and the same is true for this installment. It took me only two hours to read this book, and it kept me entertained from start to finish.The characters were, to be honest, really stupid. They were given some clues about the location of some people, and they struggled to figure them out, even though they were pretty simple. However, this is a horror novel, and I will cut them some slack. Characters are always stupid in horrors!The characters also weren't very well developed, but this is meant to be a quick, thrilling read, so I didn't mind that as much as I usually would.I would definitely recommend this book if you're looking for a quick read that is guaranteed to keep you turning the pages. After reading this again, I'm definitely going to repurchase some more the the Point Horror books!

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