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Unraveling - Elizabeth Norris Now there's a fucking gladiator plot twist! This was AMAZING, guys. Yay for Spartacus references! *woohoo*-----This is one of those books that I get completely sucked into. I get sucked in so much that I start fangirling about it all over the place. Unravelling was FLAWLESS. Well, not completely flawless, but almost.The plot was well paced and kept me hooked. I mentioned in one of my previous reviews that I didn't feel a sense of urgency even though the world was/could be coming to an end. In Unravelling I definitely felt that! The climax had me holding my breath for so long, there was a legitimate chance of me fainting.I was wondering how this was going to lean towards science fiction rather than paranormal, and can I just say it was NOT what I was expecting! At all!The big reveal/plot twist came about half way through, and it blew me away. Did anybody actually see that coming?!There were a couple of things that I did find unbelievable (I know, in a sci-fi novel!), particularly the amount of times Janelle went through her father's FBI files without proper consequences. She seemed to get away with too much.I also had a problem with the way Janelle - the main character - used the word 'literally'. Your heart didn't literally jump into your throat and choke you, mate.I didn't think I cared for the relationship between Ben and Janelle, but the ending changed my mind. I also really like her with another guy, and if there was a love triangle then I'd definitely root for those two! That would be one love triangle that I would enjoy.The ending made me cry. A lot. Elizabeth Norris makes some bold moves there, and I adore her for it. I always love it when an author makes a decision to kill/maim/torture/destroy important characters!Unravelling is a great novel with amazing twists, writing and world building. I adored it, and I think there is going to be a sequel. The set up for a second book was fantastic!

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