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A Million Suns - Beth Revis Predictable, but SO. GOOD.--Oh. My. God.Okay, so... I have no idea where to begin. This always happens with books I love, I have no idea how to review them properly so I just start spewing out random thoughts and hope they come together in a well rounded review. Much like my past reviews, I doubt this is going to be the case with this one. Oh well, let's get on with it. You've been warned.I really enjoyed Across the Universe when I read it last year, and while I didn't get a chance to reread it before starting this sequel (damn you, Mount TBR), I still was able to recall everything that happened. It was that memorable.The story kicks off straight away, with Elder trying to lead the ship and Amy finding a message from Orion - the dude they froze in AtU - which leads her to running around the ship to find clues to lead her to the answer. Much like in AtU, dead bodies start turning up everywhere and the people on the ship blame Elder, thinking it's him sending a message. Obviously, we know it's not Elder so we spend the book trying to figure out who could be the killer.To be honest (you're all going to get annoyed with me if I keep saying this in every single review) I knew who the killer was almost straight away. It's pretty easy to cross off the potential culprits in your head. I saw it coming a mile away.There are a couple of other secrets which, thanks to Orion, our characters are on the way to finding out. Again, these secrets, in my opinion, were pretty obvious and I wasn't shocked by the big reveal. That said, they are ENORMOUS and I loved it. I'm so glad this story went the way I was hoping it would.Despite knowing the answers, I was more interested in the journey the characters were taking. The riots and fights were interesting and you never knew who was going to die next. I was also really interested in Elder's attempts at leading the ship. At only 16, he's not meant to lead an entire ship, and this showed. I loved it. The science fiction aspect is also awesome, but I didn't have to tell you that, did I?The only thing I didn't particularly like in this book was Amy. Actually, I really hate her right now. Amy acting like a bloody child the whole way through, and her character development seemed to go backwards. She whined A LOT, and it frustrated me. I understand that she has strong feelings about things but MY GOODNESS *headdesk* I really didn't like her in this book. She didn't understand what it took to be a leader at all, and she didn't seem to care about other people's free will. Nope, she just wanted them all to do what she thought was best and on top of that she's a hypocrite *hits her with a flip flop* I can't stand her.Anyway, I LOVED this book despite the ridiculous female lead and after the ending (!!!!!!!!!) I am DYING to read the next book. I have to know what happens next!I'm hoping for dinosaurs!

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